How To Land A Remote Nurse Job: A Comprehensive Guide

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November 5, 2022
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How To Land A Remote Nurse Job: A Comprehensive Guide

Gave bedside your darndest and it still isn’t working out for you? That’s okay!! In fact, it's way more common than you think. The information era is great in the sense that technology now gives us the power to work from the comforts of our homes, and create more job opportunities for bedside nurses!

Everyone always talks about these ‘remote’ based nurse jobs, but no one ever explains HOW or WHERE to begin to get into remote work. That's where this article comes in handy! Read on to find out if remote work is right for you and how to break into this newfound field of nursing!

Is It Possible To Work From Home As An RN?

Absolutely! Actually, hospitals offering healthcare services online are much more common than people think. A little bit of investigative work (I see you armchair detectives!), and there are plenty of remote nursing jobs to find out there. In fact, a lot of healthcare facilities are now making certain jobs remote work. For example, case management is becoming more and more popular to work remotely, but more on that later.

What Type Of Work Does a Remote Nurse Do?

Depending on what job you do will determine the work you do from home. If you work for an Insurance company you will possibly be working on insurance claims, getting patient's approval for coverage, speaking with medical staff about the patient's situation, etc.

Working from home as a nurse will look different depending on what type of job you do! The running theme with most remote RN jobs is:

  • Better hours: work your preferred hours! Find a 9-5 job or work overnights. The power is in your hands to pick and choose what works best for you! It's no longer the standard '12 hour shifts including weekends, holidays, etc'.
  • No more physical demand on your body: regain the energy you once had for your days off work!
  • Online collaboration with coworkers
  • Better work-life balance: (more time for family, friends, traveling, etc!)
  • No more missed lunch breaks: autonomy to create your work day schedule as you like it!

Working from home sounds nice and all, but I've never worked remotely and I'm scared to apply for a job that I don't know much about... We got your back! If you would like to learn more about the different remote nurse career types and see what sounds right for you, click on the articles below to read more!

Case Management Nursing

→ Telehealth

→ Nursing Informatics

→ Utilization Nursing

→ Health writing

→ Forensic Nursing

→ Law office nursing

Do I Need To Be Tech Savvy To Work From Home?

Not as much as you think! Minimal computer knowledge is just about what everyone needs for most remote-based nursing jobs. It is helpful to have a base amount, the rest can be trained as you proceed through the job. Being sure your connection is secure and you have reliable wifi is also important when working from home.

Is Remote Work Right For Me? How Can I Tell?

If you enjoy team collaboration, and advocating for your patients and their families, mixed with some cool tech features - remote work might just be for you!

The beauty of the nursing profession is the flexibility and freedom we have in our careers. We can do just about any niche we can think of! In my article Switching Roles as a Bedside Nurse, I go over in detail my experiences with switching gears as a nurse (trust me, I have done it a lot). Change is never easy, but in my experience with working in healthcare, change is the only constant. Why not choose changes that support you and your goals?

How To Transition From Bedside Nurse To Working At Home

There are multiple ways to change specialties as a registered nurse. If you are ready to dive into the world of remote nursing the next step is to look at your resume and update any details that may be necessary!

Look through different job portals to find jobs that sound interesting to you, if you feel they fit well with your criteria and what you are looking for, apply! Do not be discouraged if you are not contacted right away for a job you applied to. In fact, it's beneficial to apply to multiple jobs (not too many, however). At the end of this article will be several websites that even I used in my job search!

Will I Lose Skills As A Nurse If I Choose To Work At Home?

This is a common misconception about nurses who work from home. While you are not actively at the bedside performing skills like IV insertion, NG tube placement, etc. You are still critically thinking and using your nursing judgment to advocate for patients. There is a lot happening behind the scenes that people don't see at hospitals while patients receive treatment! Regardless of specialty, all nurses are working nurses!

Companies That Commonly Post WFH Nursing Jobs

Don't know where to start to look for companies that commonly offer remote based work for nurses? No worries! I've done the research and grunt work for you so you don't have to! Check below for some companies that commonly offer work from home jobs for nurses! Search through their career pages to see if a job listing fits your needs.

Be sure to browse through LinkedIn and filter for remote rn jobs! There is a ton of postings on there as well for nurses.

Know of a company, but don't see it on our list? Reach out and contact us! We will be updating this list frequently to give nurses the best up to date information on available jobs!

We would love to hear your feedback, thoughts, stories, and experiences! Message us on the share your story page to share and keep in touch with the nursing community.

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